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Power and Gas

Choose Enel Energia for your home

There are times when we all need more energy. If you are not yet our customer, we will support you with the advantages of our power and gas offers.

Online only!
E-light Luce

The advantageous offer with an energy component price:

Blocked for the first 12 months
Online only
Power Price
0,118 €/kWh *
al kilowattora
CCV Power Price
12,00 €/Month**

*The price refers only to the energy component (VAT and taxes excluded) and is blocked for the first 12 months. This price includes network losses which are applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA. **The price refers to the marketing and sales fee (CCV Luce) which, for the first 12 months of supply, will be equal to 144 €/POD/year (VAT and taxes excluded), to be paid on a monthly basis.

More advantageous from App
E-light Gas

The advantageous offer with a gas raw material component:

Blocked for the first 12 months
Online only
Gas Price
0,5 €/Smc *
allo standard metro cubo
CCV Gas Price
12,00 €/Month**

*The price refers only to the raw gas component (VAT and taxes excluded) and is blocked for the first 12 months. **The price refers to the marketing and sales fee (CCV Gas) which, for the first 12 months of supply, will be equal to 144 €/PDR/year (VAT and taxes excluded) to be paid on a monthly basis.

Internet for your home

Navigate with Enel Energia fiber

Discover Enel Fibra FTTH, the stable and fast integrated connection that brings you closer to the world and people.

Enel Fibra

Navigate with the simplicity of Enel Energia's ultra-fast FTTH fiber up to 1 Gigabit/s download plus

Free activation
WiFi modem 6 included

Offer subject to technical speed and geographical limitations. The indicated navigation speed (FTTH) is to be considered as maximum. Check the coverage in the following steps to find out the fiber (FTTH and FTTC) from which your home is reached. The offer does not include Voice Service with consequent possible loss of the landline telephone number in the event of migration of the internet connection. If you are already an Enel Energia customer, fiber service available starting from €21.90/month for the first 12 months.

Electric mobility

Recharge your car and experience mobility in a new way: it's Formidable!

Reduce the environmental impact of your travels with a sustainable alternative for your mobility

Super Formidabile Auto

The new Super Formidabile Auto offer from Enel has arrived, in a single solution: rent an electric car starting from €299/month and with the dedicated electricity offer you have included up to 8,000 Km of charging per year and a Waybox for charging at home

Long-term rental service of 36 months offered by Arval with monthly fees starting from €299 and with an advance payment of €8,500 (e.g. Smart #3) with 100,000 km. Fee with state incentives, subject to availability. Dedicated power offer Super Formidabile Luce by Enel Energia for customers with 2G remote meter and with long-term rental contract with Arval: CCV prices €32/POD/month, energy component: €0.00/kWh from 0:00 to 3:00 up to 1,700 kWh per year and €0.151/kWh at other times (including network losses). These prices are locked in for 12 months.

Estimate of approximately 8,000 km calculated for the 95hp electric Fiat 500 car with average mileage of 7.69 km per kWh based on the WLTP mixed cycle and consumption of 1,700 kWh. Other expenditure components as defined by the CTE. Prices excluding VAT and taxes. Waybox by Enel Energia on free loan for use. For information on the car catalogue, calculation of the km included and actual values, click on "Offer details".

CARD WIDTH_1534x1022
Formidabile Mobilità Per Te

Buy your Waybox at a discounted price and if you sign up for the dedicated electricity offer you will have a €360 bonus on your bill in 24 months

Power offer

Formidable Mobilità Per Te offer valid until 13/09/2024.  ​

Formidable Luce Mobilità Offer from Enel Energia can be subscribed to after payment of the Waybox and until 31.12.24: energy component €0.151/kWh[including network losses] and CCV €12/POD/month blocked for 12 months (VAT and taxes excluded) and bill bonus of €15/month for 24 months. Other expenditure components as defined by the CTE.​

Enel X Waybox Start Cellular All Inclusive 7.4kW cable by Enel at a discounted price of €1,849 instead of €2099 (VAT included) with standard installation included, price valid until 13/09/2024.​

Incentive provided for by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 4/8/2022 (published in Official Journal n.232 of 4/10/2022). The directorial decree of 12 June 2024, published in the Official Gazette no. 145 of 22 June 2024 defines conditions of provision and methods of recognition; visit the dedicated page for more information. As announced by Invitalia the opening of the platform for requesting incentives is scheduled to start from 12pm on Monday 8 July 2024 on the Invitalia website; the closing date of the aforementioned platform will be announced with a subsequent notice published on the institutional website of the Ministry and on the Invitalia website.


Produce energy easily for your home: it's Formidable!

Reduce your dependence on traditional energy sources with solutions for the energy autonomy of your home.

Formidabile Fotovoltaico Zero

3kW photovoltaic system with zero interest financing at €99 per month for 60 months, 0% TAN 0% APR and, by joining the dedicated electricity offer, you receive a €1,200 bill bonus in 120 months.

Offer Formidabile Fotovoltaico Zero valid until 19/07/2024 subject to verification of installation capacity. Enel Energia's Formidabile Luce Fotovoltaico Offer Subscribable after payment of the Enel X photovoltaic system or the finance company's okay to the relevant financing and until 31/12/2024. Energy component 0.151€/kWh, including grid losses, and CCV 12€/month fixed for 12 months and bill bonus of 10€/month for 120 months (excluding VAT and tax). Other expense components as defined by CTE. 


Agos financing available at authorized outlets. Total amount of credit and due €5,940. Fixed TAN 0% APR 0%, over 60 months.  Zero costs. Advertising message. Pre-contractual information in store. Subject to approval of finance for which Enel X acts as a non-exclusive credit intermediary.

Air conditioning

Cooling your home efficiently is formidable

Maintain a comfortable environment with our energy-efficient air conditioners

Formidabile Clima Per Te

If you are already a power customer or want to become one, with Formidabile Clima Per Te and the dedicated electricity offer you have an air conditioner starting from €19.90 per month and a bill bonus of €10 per month for 36 months - TAN 7.48% and APR 7.74%.

*Formidable Clima Per Te offer valid until 31/08/2024, subject to verification of installation capacity and while stocks last.


Formidable Luce Clima offer from Enel Energia can be subscribed to after payment of the air conditioner or approval from Agos for the related financing and until 31/12/2024. Price of the energy component €0.151/KWh and CCV €12/POD/Month fixed for 12 months and bill bonus of €10/month for 36 months (VAT and taxes excluded). Other expenditure components as defined by the CTE.


AGOS financing available for all authorized points of sale. Up to 120 months - first installment in 60 days - financeable amount from €500 to €30,000. Example for LG Libero S 9000 Btu/h from Enel The APR represents the total cost of the credit expressed as an annual percentage and includes: interest, stamp duty on financing €16, stamp duty on annual and severance statements €2 (for amounts exceeding €77.47) / substitute tax 0, 25% financed amount, monthly management fee €2.20; total amount due (total credit amount + total credit cost) €716.4. Advertisement with promotional purposes. For pre-contractual information, ask at the point of sale for the document "Basic European information on consumer credit" (SECCI) and a copy of the contractual text. The amount of the loan depends on the price of the asset as agreed between the customer and Enel Subject to approval by Agos Ducato S.p.A. Enel X operates as a NON-exclusive credit intermediary.

Per le imprese

Per crescere, dai al tuo business un'energia Formidabile

Oggi con Enel hai una nuova Offerta Formidabile per la tua impresa

Formidabile Luce Impresa

Il vantaggio di un'offerta flessibile con un bonus di 150€ in 12 mesi

Energia 100% Green
Bonus in bolletta
Contributo al consumo (α)
0,0396 €/kWh *
Prezzo CCV Luce
12,00 €/POD/Mese **

Componente energia composta da PUN medio mensile differenziato per fasce orarie + contributo al consumo pari a 0,0396 €/kWh e CCV 12 €/mese per i primi 12 mesi (IVA e imposte escluse). Bonus in bolletta di 12,50 €/mese per 12 mesi. Altre componenti di spesa come definite dalle CTE.

La provenienza dell’energia da fonti rinnovabili è certificata tramite il sistema delle garanzie di origine GSE

Solutions for your home

Your Efficient Home

Enel offers you energy, energy efficiency solutions and fiber

You must carry out an initial activation or connection when a metre must be connected to the network for the first time. This can happen, either because it is completely new and has just been installed, or simply because, even if it was already there, it has never been connected.

We shall guide you step by step during your first activation

Does your home need to be connected to the electricity or gas distribution network, for instance, because it is a newly built home?

If you need to activate an electricity metre, you can easily follow all steps online.

If you need to activate a gas metre, go to the nearest Spazio Enel where you will receive all the necessary assistance.

Simplify your home with Enel Energia

You should forward the first activation or connection request well in advance, because this procedure requires more time than a simple take-over and transfer.

Take advantage of the numerous and beneficial contract proposals that Enel Energia has in store for new customers!