Certa per te Gas

Fixed and clear price for 12 months

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Fixed and simple price

With Certa Per Te Gas you pay according to your consumption. The price of the raw material gas is equal to the price of the gas raw material expected to Servizio tutelato in the reference quarter and is blocked for 12 months. The offer is valid until 10/04/2019

Convenience is simple

The price is referring to the gas raw material and accounts for about 54% of the overall cost of the gas (excluding VAT and taxes). After the first 12 months, Enel Energia will update the price according to market conditions and inform you about the new price before the end of the period.

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    E-light Gas

    The convenience of managing your supply online


    *price is referring only to gas raw material and is locked for one year (excluding VAT and taxes). 

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    Gas 15

    The offer with the raw material gas at a discounted price for one year

    €0,389 €0,33065/Smc*

    Sconto del 15% sulla Componente Materia Prima Gas per i primi dodici mesi

    *price is referring only to the gas raw material and is locked for one year (excluding VAT and taxes)

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