Energia Sicura Protezione Gas 360

For your new home, choose the offer that Enel X Protezione Gas 360 service gives you:


  • Price locked for 24 months
  • Free 360 Gas Protection Service forever

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Clear contract

With Energia Sicura Protezione Gas the price is locked for 24 months. The price refers only to the gas raw material component and represents approximately 55% of the total expenditure for gas (excluding VAT and taxes). Hurry up, you have until 26 April 2021!

Convenience is simple

After the first 24 months, Enel Energia updates the price based on market trends and informs you of the new one before the deadline. Within 60 days, you can then decide whether to accept or withdraw from the contract.

Free Enel X Gas 360 Protection forever!

With Energia Sicura Protezione Gas 360 you can live your home without worries and get the Enel X Gas Protection 360 service for free for the duration of the contract: you will have two free repairs at your disposal per year concerning the gas plant worth € 250 each, an insurance policy that reimburses the installments of the Gas bill in the event of unforeseen events, access to a network of specialized technicians for home repairs at discounted rates and a discount for the purchase of products, such as boilers, water heaters or air conditioners on Enel X Store. Take advantage of it now!

Discounts, bonuses and promotions

You can subscribe to ENELPREMIA WOW!, the loyalty program dedicated to Enel Energia customers that surprises you every week with a new surprise, giving you tons of savings opportunities. From the Enel Energia app, you can choose discount coupons to use with partners participating in the initiative, participate in many competitions with fantastic prizes up for grabs and get bonuses on your supplies thanks to special initiatives!


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    360 Protection included

    Price locked 24 months!

    Energia Pura Protezione Luce 360

    For your new home, the offer with 360 Protection for free!

    al kilowattora

    *price per kWh, every day and at all times. The price refers only to the energy component and is locked for 24 months (excluding VAT and taxes). The customer is required to pay the marketing fee (PCV) of 8 €/month for the first 24 months of supply, excluding VAT and taxes.

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