Sicura Gas

The tranquility of a clear and locked price for 24 months
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The price refers only to the gas raw material component (excluding VAT and taxes). You will also have to pay the marketing and sales price (CCV Gas) which, for the first 24 months of supply, will be equal to 102 €/PDR/year (excluding VAT and taxes) to be paid on a monthly basis.


Fixed price for 24 months

The price of the gas is fixed for 24 months. You pay for consumption with no changes in the price of the gas. The price is referring to the gas raw material and accounts for about 60% of the overall cost of the gas (excluding VAT and taxes). You’ve until 27 october 2021!

Discounts, bonuses and promotions

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Convenience is simple

After 24 months, Enel Energia will be able to update the economic conditions by giving notice in writing at least 3 months before the deadline. If the Customers do not wish to accept the new economic conditions proposed, they can withdraw from the contract by making use of a new supplier.