Speciale Gas 60


Switch to Enel Energia and request to combine the «FIBRA DI MELITA» offer


✓ Up to € 60 bonus in Enel Energia's gas bill


✓ Maximum navigation speed with Melita fibre


✓ Single electricity bill for Enel Energia and Melita fibre


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Up to € 60 gas bonus

Enjoy a €60 bonus when choosing Enel Energia and requesting Melita Fibre Enel Energia will grant you a €5 bonus for 12 months, from the second to the thirteenth month of supply. For more information, please review the technical and financial conditions of the offer, which you will find below in the "Documents" section.

Melita fibre in your home

For only € 27/month (VAT included), browse the web with Melita's ultra-fast fibre up to 1 Gigabit/s. Modems and activation costs are included in Melita's monthly fee.

Respect the enviroment

With this offer you only use energy certified as being produced from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and heat from the earth. The origin of energy from renewable sources is certified through the GSE system of guarantees of origin.

Clear and simple contract

Speciale Gas 60 offer includes a fixed and invariable price of the raw material component for 12 months. After 12 months, Enel Energia could update the price based on the market trend and will give a written communication at least 90 days before the due date. It's preserved the right to withdraw from the contract at any time and free of charge. In case of termination of the gas supply with which the Melita fiber service is associated, you will lapse from the latter and you will be contacted by Melita who will propose a new fiber offer to continue using the connectivity service. In case of termination of the fiber service contract with Melita, the gas contract with Enel Energia will continue to be active and you will keep the bonus.

Power offers

Speciale Luce 60

Choose «Speciale Luce 60» and enjoy a €60 bonus on your bill. Enel Energia will grant you a €5 bonus for 12 months, from the second to the thirteenth month of supply.

  • Power

    Speciale Luce 60

    The Power offer that comes with a €60 bonus!

    al kilowattora

    Bonus 60€ suddiviso in rate da 5€ mese per 12 mesi

    *price in kWh, everyday and every hour
    The price is referring only to the energy component and is locked for 12 months (excluding VAT and taxes)

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