Electricity and Gas Package

E-light eand Gas for your House at 20% off to save you money. Get an immediate 20% discount on the raw material gas, if you choose E-Light for your electricity. Plus the EnelMia card is free for one year

Gas discount

Get the raw material gas component with a 20% discount, for 12 months by activating Gas -20% now and an electricity contract with Enel Energia within a maximum of 30 days. Enel Energia takes care of your electricity and gas supplies


The convenience of a supply to be managed completely online: E-Light is the Enel Energia's lowest price deal, fixed for 12 months. Choose E-light: it's even more convenient because you get an extra discount on gas supply!

Optional products

Enel Tutto OK Caldaia

Enel Tutto OK Caldaia is the Enel energy service that offers qualified support for the maintenance of the boiler or gas boiler

Enel Tutto OK Clima

With Enel Tutto OK Clima your air conditioning is last longer and consumes less energy

Enel Tutto OK Impianto

Enel Tutto OK Impianto is the Enel service that offers you a complete electrical system check-up


With EnelMia you have discounts in more than 7 thousand shops and supermarkets in Italy