Luce 20 Volagratis

20% less on the energy component for one year and an A/R flight in Europe!

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Discover Europe with Volagratis

If you subscribe to Luce 20 Volagratis by January 30, you get a free A/R flight to Europe for one person. If you subscribe to both Volagratis gas and power offers double your prize: you get two A/R flights in Europe to leave with whom you want. Your travels deserve energy, hurry up!

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20% Discount

With Luce 20 Volagratis offer you have a 20% discount on the price of the energy component. The discount applies to the energy component only and is valid for one year (excluding VAT and taxes). The discount is valid until 30/01/2020

Respect the enviroment

Choose a contract that respects the environment, using only certified energy that is produced from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and heat from the earth, certified by the new "Guarantees of Origin" system by the Energy Services Manager, according to the EC directive 2009/28/EC

A clear contract

The fixed price is for the energy component and accounts for about 36% of the overall cost of the electricity (excluding VAT and taxes). After the first 12 months, Enel Energia will update your rate based on market conditions and inform you of the new price before the end of the period. You will then have 30 days to decide whether to accept it or to terminate the contract.

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    Gas 20 Volagratis

    Discount of 20% on the gas raw material component for one year and an A/R flight in Europe!

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    20% discount on the gas raw material component

    *price is referring to the gas raw material and is locked for one year (excluding VAT and taxes)

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