Ore Free

For you who are switching to Enel Energia a cutting-edge and flexible offer that lets you:


  • Choose 3 free hours each day
  • Change your hours via the APP or WEB
  • Monitor your daily consumption

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Choose 3 hours of free energy component every day!

If you have a second generation tele-meter counter and a contractual power of no more than 15 kW, switch to Enel Energia and choose your free hours!

Just in one click

Choose 3 consecutive hours per day during which the energy component is free. What if your needs have changed? Then, use the APP or log on to your Private Area on the website to change your three free hours each day, up to 15 minutes before the selected time slot starts. Thanks to a daily meter reading, you can also keep your consumption monitored in a simple and quick way!

Choose sustainability

Choose a contract that respects the environment, using only certified energy that is produced from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and heat from the earth, certified by the new "Guarantees of Origin" system by the Energy Services Manager.

Fixed and simple pricing

With Ore Free, the price of the energy component, outside the free hours chosen, is the same for the first 12 months and accounts for about 36% of the overall cost of the electricity (excluding VAT and taxes). Enel Energia will update your rate based on market conditions and inform you of the new price before the end of the period. You will then have 30 days to decide whether to accept it or to terminate the contract.

Discounts, bonuses and promotions

You can subscribe to enelpremia WOW!, the loyalty program dedicated to Enel Energia customers that amazes you every week with a new surprise, giving you many chances to make some savings. From the Enel Energia app, you can choose discount coupons to use with partners participating in the initiative, you can participate in many competitions with fantastic prizes up for grabs and you can get bonuses on your supplies thanks to special initiatives!


In alternative

If you want to switch to Enel Energy and you don't have the requirements to access Ore Free, we have found a flexible and convenient solution for you

  • Power

    Scegli Tu 100x100

    For you who switch to Enel Energia, a flexible offer with a 100% discount on the energy component on the 1st month of supply

    a 100% discount on the energy component on the 1st month of supply