Scegli Tu 100x100 Notte e Festivi

With Notte e Festivi 100x100 the price of the energy component is free for you every night and on holidays

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Nights and on Holidays for free

The energy component is free at night, on Sundays or during holidays with Scegli Tu 100x100 Notte e Festivi. The energy component for a typical customer is about 45% of total expenditure on electricity, excluding VAT and taxes. The remaining expenditure components are applied to the extent established and updated by ARERA (the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity, Gas and Water), according to the methods indicated in the offer's general supply and economic conditions. Offer valid until October 23, 2019


If your habits change, you can choose to change with us. You get more flexibility and security: change your plan for free up to 3 times a year. Do you want to find out which plan is right for you?

Respect the environment

Electricity certified as coming from 100% renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and geothermal. Green energy is certified by the Power Service Board's new "Guarantees of Origin" system, according to the EC Directive 2009/28/EC

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