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Living your days using electricity to the fullest is easier than you think.

*Value obtained considering the difference in consumption of power and gas compared to that of an electric-only house, in which a natural gas hob and boiler is replaced for cooking, heating and domestic hot water production uses with an induction hob, heat pump air conditioners and heat pump water heaters. In particular, reference is made to an apartment of a family of 4 of 100 square meters with annual consumption equal to 1,700 kWh and with methane gas supply with a yearly consumption of 1,300 smc with higher calorific value (PCS) equal to 38.52 MJ/smc.

  • Air conditioning Air conditioning

    Cooling and heating

    Do you know that it is possible and convenient to use only electricity for the air conditioning of your home?

    Why it is convenient
  • Moka on induction hob Moka on induction hob

    In the kitchen

    Do you know that you can convert your old gas cooker to a modern induction hob, obtaining numerous advantages?

    Why it is convenient
  • Heat pump boiler Heat pump boiler

    Hot water

    Do you know that you can produce domestic hot water using only electricity and that it can be a convenient choice?

    Why it is convenient
  • Photovoltaic panels Photovoltaic panels

    Self-production of energy

    Do you know that, thanks to photovoltaic panels, you can produce clean energy in your home to meet part of your consumption?

    Why it is convenient
  • Juicebox by Enel X Way with electric car being charged Juicebox by Enel X Way with electric car being charged

    Electric mobility

    Eco-friendly, practical and fuel-efficient daily journeys thanks to the electric car, but also to electric bikes and scooters. An affordable and increasingly accessible choice.

    Why it is convenient

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Illustration of people with different facial expressions and colorful backgrounds

Use only electricity at home: hunting for clichés

Have you heard so many and need to clarify your ideas? The only way to dispel false beliefs and prejudices is to know the facts.
And who better than your electricity supplier can help you?


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Electrification of consumption

Make the best use of electricity for your home

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