With Senza Orari Luce you have the same Energy day and night

For your power supply for non-residential use, a single energy component price that knows no timetables is convenient

Have you ever heard of UDA? Maybe not yet or maybe you just need to clarify! UDA ,in fact, is the abbreviation used to indicate utilities and power supplies for Use Different from Home

So let's talk about supplies that serve cellars, garages, attics or condominiums, for example. They are all those types of buildings that certainly need electricity, can be connected in low voltage and that do not fall within domestic users. A user category you often don't know you belong to, because you don't know its characteristics and advantages.

Enel Energia has studied a specific, clear and convenient solution for you as a non-domestic customer and which provides for a fixed price of the energy component without time constraints, equal to € 0.34272/kWh (excluding VAT and taxes) for the first 12 months of supply. This price is inclusive of network losses that are applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA.

What is Senza Orari Luce?

It's called Senza Orari Luce because the price of the energy component is unique at every hour of the day and night and valid for the first 12 months of supply.

You can join Senza Orari Luce if you have a property with these characteristics:

  • supply of low voltage (LV) powered electricity
  • contractual power not exceeding 25 kW
  • annual consumption of less than 1,000,000 kWh

To subscribe to Enel Energia's Senza Orari Luce offer and activate the power supply, no intervention is required either on the systems or on the meter. And not only that, activation of the offer is completely free, even online.

What you need to know about low voltage supplies and other uses

Knowing the type of power supply of your power supply is important to have a greater awareness of your consumption and to make informed and thoughtful choices in terms of electricity and gas offers.

Low voltage is what we commonly find in all homes and businesses, which is used to operate household appliances and electrical devices in everyday use. That's why in terms of supply and bills a distinction is made between domestic use and other uses.

The low voltage supply intended for users for non-residential use therefore refers to all those rooms or portions of the building that are energetically autonomous and which are not part of the main residential user.

Some examples? Box and garage, outdoor spaces and gardens, attics or cellars, local and common condominium services.

Without timetables, without worries

To solve the eternal dilemma about the most suitable offer to apply to your non-domestic consumption, you need the Senza Orari Luce offer.

In fact, the premises identified as Use Different from Home have such different and particular characteristics that it does not seem easy to decide which offer to join in order to reduce the expense on the bill. Enel Energia has found the right answer for you who are a non-domestic customer and has come up with a convenient and practical solution!

All the convenience of Enel Energia's one-hour offer

Try to imagine, for example, what are the consumptions of the common parts of an apartment building, such as the lighting of the stairs, the operation of the lift or the electric gates to access the complex. They are all constant daily consumption and the services are used indiscriminately at any time of day.

Senza Orari Luce by Enel Energia allows you to have a single price for the energy component without time constraints, day and night, precisely to meet this type of consumption requirement for use other than residential domestic use.

The offer includes a price of the energy component of € 0.34272/kWh and fixed for the first 12 months of supply (excluding VAT and taxes). This price includes network losses that are applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA. The aforementioned energy component, including grid losses, excluding VAT and taxes, represents approximately 82% of the total expenditure for power, excluding VAT and taxes, of a non-domestic customer with annual consumption equal to 10,000 kWh and a committed power of 10 kW.

Senza Orari Luce is the offer you were looking for?

Do you want to know how to join Senza Orari Luce for Uses Different from Home?

It's very simple, just follow these steps:

  • Go to the page of the Enel Energia website dedicated to the offer Senza Orari Luce
  • Click on the “Activate Now” button
  • Fill out the form with your contact details
  • An operator will contact you as soon as possible to assist you with activation

If you prefer direct contact, our dedicated Customer Service is at your disposal for every need. In fact, you can also contact us via chat from your Customer Area or by calling the toll-free number 800900860 from Italy (key 3) or from abroad the number +39 0664511012 for a fee, at the cost applied by your telephone operator. All our specialized operators are at your disposal from 7.00 to 22.00 every day except holidays.

Choose the transparency and convenience of Enel Energia.

Other uses

Senza Orari Luce

The offer for cellars, garages, attics that knows no timetables thanks to a fixed price of the energy component at all hours.