I Giardini di Via Dezza

We return a redeveloped urban space to Milan


Why imagine it if we can make it? This is the question at the origin of the redevelopment project of the Gardens of Via Dezza in the Porta Vercellina district of Milan. A project that has allowed us to express and share with citizens our vision of an open and inclusive future.

The redevelopment initiative

The Park is one of the green arteries of Milan, in an area that has experienced profound changes over the decades in tandem with the changes of the entire city. A green path that winds along the homonymous road where a century earlier the railway line ran towards the historic Scalo di Porta Sempione, now the place where the road of inclusion and sustainability environmental.

Enel Energia has undertaken the commitment to conduct a profound renovation to affirm the centrality of the park as a meeting place. Together with citizenship and institutions, we wanted to commit ourselves to achieve together the goal of improving the quality of life of all residents of the quadrant, and beyond, with an urban space recovery activity that returns now to the citizens an eco-friendly area functional to their needs and to those of a contemporary city in continuous transformation.

The interventions performed

The restoration work has been completed thanks to which Enel Energia has given citizens a more welcoming and inclusive park. From the improvement of the play area and the area dedicated to four-legged friends, up to the renovation of the soccer and basketball field, the park becomes more and more a crossroads for the active life of the neighborhood for every age group, facilitating the sharing of space and time between people.

Together with these interventions, a series of important structural redevelopments were also carried out on gates, fences, flooring; and hedges, flower beds and new trees that populate the avenues that run along the Via Dezza Gardens for an environment that favors inclusion and positive interaction between people.

The next step? Thanks to the initiative of #ENERGIAINCIRCOLO the park will come to life not only with the people who will return to attend it, but also thanks to the temporary exhibition of the talented artist Dario Tironi who will exhibit at briefly his works, expression of a greener world. An extra step to bring change to life, which is added to Enel Energia's vision of the road ahead together towards a sustainable future.