The new urban sustainability

The project that contributes to a smarter, more innovative and more sustainable future

Welcome to the virtual home of #ENELINCIRCOLO, where the circular economy becomes a concrete business model that produces benefits for the entire community. Spaces that are rethought on a personal scale, products that are regenerated to start a new life, services that are reorganized into open platforms: a real cultural change for citizens who become an active part of the Milan that will come.

From the redevelopment initiatives of urban areas to the creative recovery of waste objects, #ENELINCIRCOLO includes multiple activities whose common thread is to generate value for the environment and for people.

Reuse and regeneration are the key words of an urban revolution that puts people's dreams and needs at the center. Safeguarding the environment is no longer just the goal but becomes a means to increase competitiveness and accelerate sustainable progress.

And as with any change that matters, its protagonists make it possible. Citizens, institutions, partners, artists: #ENELINCIRCOLO is an open space to all those who dream of a city increasingly tailored and projected towards a greener future.