The installation of light metaphor for a sustainable future


A story of light and nature: the Illumina art installation, at the Biblioteca degli Alberi in Milan (BAM), represented the first important stage of the #ENELINCIRCOLO project. An initiative to literally highlight the latest developments in climate change, to raise awareness and inform about the risks our planet runs and what we can do to save it.

Global warming represents the great challenge of the 21st century. Enel, which has always been at the forefront of the fight against climate change, has launched an initiative with a high emotional impact aimed at raising public awareness on an issue that deserves the attention of the whole community.

Illumina is a metaphor made of lights and colors to emphasize a need that requires urgent attention from everyone. The initiative was designed to make people reflect on global warming and environmental protection, as well as announcing the key themes of #ENELINCIRCOLO, the project that is developed through initiatives based on sustainability and the circular economy.

Art and circular economy

The urban light art illuminates the protagonist installations inside the BAM park, evoking a suggestive reinterpretation of the Arctic scenario through an interpretative language made of plays of light that shines the spotlight on necessity to act quickly to mitigate the global effects of climate change.

Light and art redesign the urban surface to tell a unique and spectacular scenario: that of the frozen landscapes of the deep north. Games of light enhance the beauty of a nature pristine, illuminating icebergs from polygonal geometries, polar bears and the great Ice Tree.

The visual and sound work was created with the use of high energy efficiency LED and recycled materials for an overall waste-free approach and a zero impact. All the scraps generated by the processing of the materials used have in turn been transformed into art, used to complete the installations and thus becoming an integral part of them. A creative philosophy whose roots lie in the principles of the circular economy that embraces the entire project, with materials that at the end of the event have been transformed and reused for other awareness initiatives.