Temporary Box: a world of initiatives with #ENELINCIRCOLO

Enel Energia's initiatives on the road to sustainability

“Every long journey begins with a first step”
. To concretely deal with the issues of environmental sustainability it is necessary to take awareness of the different ways in which we can contribute to the development of a culture of recycling, make it simple. The secret is to trigger automatisms in people for which a gesture such as sorting out waste or reusing it for other purposes can enter our daily life, becoming part of our habits not only as consumers, but also as citizens.

At Enel Energia we continue the initiative #ENELINCIRCOLO through the our Temporary Box: starting from the bottom, from those areas too often left behind, to make them the diffusion centers of the new ideas of tomorrow. Spaces for comparison with exhibitions, courses and events to make the citizen an active part of the urban fabric and highlight how many small gestures, if put together, can lead to tangible results.

New spaces for citizens

Enel's Temporary Box will be set up at the Don Luigi Giussani Public Park: a park that extends with its offshoots towards the Giardini di Via Dezza, which was the center of one of the most recent redevelopment projects of the initiative #ENELINCIRCOLO carried out by Enel Energia. The Temporary Box will rise next to the square that houses the sculpture of Kan Yasuda, called the "Return Door".

Inside the Temporary Box will be set up the work of Dario Tironi made with the objects collected in our Spazio Enel with the project #Energiaincircolo: the artistic initiative in the name of recovery and reuse carried out in the dedicated exhibition spaces in our stores, where citizens could bring everyday objects at the end of their life cycle that otherwise they would have been thrown away or forgotten.

The structure

The Temporary Box is a space in which to tell about ourselves. A "pop-up store" with an innovative design that is more than just a showcase: it is a point of contact with the city, a center through which we can tell and bring alive the vision we have of the future of urban spaces, mobility, communication between people.

Let's animate the city

Daily, weekly and monthly events will alternate at the Temporary Box: from the beginning of September a photographic exhibition will be set up, “Inside the transformation. The story of the redevelopment of the gardens of Via Dezza", which will tell the rebirth of the Gardens of Via Dezza by Urban Reports, an international collective of photographers/architects living in various European cities with the goal of using photographic language to tell the changes in the urban landscape. The exhibition will have the same duration as the initiative.

From Saturday to Thursday instead, at Gardens of Via Dezza, from 18.30 to 19.30 Enel will offer free to the inhabitants of the neighborhood of the lessons dedicated to physical activity thanks to the teachers of the Yogamilan school. A concrete way to help the restart of the gyms and to give citizens the opportunity to heal the energy of their body and mind.

Every Friday from 16.30, however, the Temporary Box will host a double edutainment event dedicated to the families of the neighborhood: it will be outdoor activities inspired by sustainability, renewable energies, to respect and safeguard the planet within the dictates of "The 17 Sustainable Development Goals" of the UN which will be managed in collaboration with Kikolle Lab.

Events not to be missed

Among the events not to be missed is certainly Piano City Milano, the event sponsored by Enel Energia with a "traveling live" of an upright piano mounted on a pedal rickshaw. assisted. The initiative will involve four pianists at different weekend times near the Temporary Box at the Don Luigi Giussani Park. The new rickshaw will be located in the city park in Via Dezza and will be played by young musicians from one of the main training partners of Piano City Milano: the Ricordi Music School.

Download the schedule with the complete program of the initiative!

Come and visit us!

Users will be able to book the activities comfortably online through the portal "Prenota un posto": go to the page dedicated to the event, and via the button that takes you back to the event booking page and book your seats! All events will be carried out in compliance with the anti-contagion regulations in force and with the provision of all the security systems in accordance with the law. In particular, the courses will take place at a safe distance, in an external area adjacent to the Temporary Box.

To stay updated on all the events and initiatives of #ENELINCIRCOLO, visit the dedicated page here.

What are you waiting for? Be part of the change too!