Reliability and Transparency

Our values ​​for your growth

The right energy is at the base of every business

Transparency and being close to customers have always been two of our pillars, ever since we have brought light and gas to millions of families as a leading company in the energy sector. Companies can also count on these two important values.
In fact, those who choose Enel Energia to illuminate and heat their company or store choose:

Simple contracts and clear prices
The price components are structured as coherently as possible with the ARERA definitions, without exceptions and clauses. In this way, the characteristics of both fixed and indexed products are clear.

Transparent and understandable bills
A bill which provides all the information related to your consumption, simply and immediately.
The customer is therefore aware of his consumption!

Added to this is the ability to follow our customers' growth over the years thanks to our always-available network of consultants.  

We think to the future, not only for your company, but also for the coming generations: this is why we sell electricity produced from renewable sources, focusing on eco-sustainability, but above all on energy efficiency that allows us to also save on your bill.

Clarity, reliability and professionalism are a guarantee of success. Choose Enel Energia for your company.