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Power deals


Scegli Oggi Luce

Take advantage of the discount on the list price of the energy component blocked for the first 24 months

Power Price
0,482 €/kWh *
barrato. Prezzo attuale
0,3374 €/kWh *
barrato. Prezzo attuale
CCV Power Price
144 €/Year**

€30 bonus!

*The price refers to the list price of the energy component (excluding VAT and taxes) of the plan without timetables. This price includes network losses that are applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA. **The price refers to the marketing and sales price (CCV Power) which, for the first 24 months of supply, will be equal to 144 €/POD/year (excluding VAT and taxes), to be paid on a monthly basis. The monthly bonus amount, equal to € 3, will be recognized in the bill only for online subscriptions starting from the second month of supply.

Power for home

Give your home more light with Enel Energia

Light up your home, it's simple: learn about the offers that best match your consumption. You can choose a cheaper price if you consume more in the evening or on weekends, or lock down a fixed price for the whole day. Bring new light into your home!