How to make the transfer with change of supplier

Here are the details for changing the supply owner and supplier at the same time

Making the transfer and change supplier in one step has many advantages:

  • It's free;
  • reduces switching times from one supplier to another;
  • there is no interruption of the power service.

How to do

You can make the transfer by changing supplier:

  • in chat, one of our consultants will help you choose the offer that best suits your needs; 
  • via other contact channels. You can change the power of the meter only after changing the owner.

What data are needed

To make a transfer with a change of supplier you need these data:

  • name and surname, tax code or VAT number of the new owner of the supply;
  • the POD code that you find on the current account holder's bill or on the electronic meter display;
  • telephone number and email address of the new owner.

Costs and times

The transfer with change of supplier with Enel Energia is free and requires 5 working days, calculated starting from the day on which we receive all the necessary documents correctly completed.

Contractual kit: which documents to return

The contractual kit is the set of necessary documents that we send you via e-mail or post, based on the channel you have chosen, after signing an electricity or gas offer. 

To conclude a supply contract it is important to correctly fill in and return the documents indicating "to be returned":

Remember to always attach a copy of your valid identification document.

What happens in case of debts with the supplier

Bills unpaidby the previous holder to the supplier cannot be charged to the new holder, except if the new holder:

  • he is the heir of the previous deceased owner; 
  • lives with the previous owner in the same house.

The seller may request a self-certification from the person transferring to confirm that he or she is not responsible for the debt.