How to make the transfer with simultaneous change of supplier for power

The necessary information if you are moving and want to change supplier immediately

Until recently, when you moved into a house occupied by a previous owner and wanted to change your power supplier, it was necessary to carry out two distinct operations at different times: at first a transfer was required for to change the holder of the supply contract in place with the old owner and subsequently a change of supplier was required, to switch to another operator, once the offer most in line with one's needs was chosen. This involved lengthening the times for switching from one supplier to another.

ARERA Resolution 135/2021/R/eel

With the ARERA Resolution 135/2021/R/eel some changes were introduced for the transfer of power supply contracts. From the end of 2021, in fact, it is possible to request the change of supplier at the same time as the contract is signed through a single procedure, without the need to contact the previous supplier and simply by making a request to the new supplier who offers the 'offer that is believed to be more in line with one's consumption needs, more advantageous and interesting among those available on the market.

The regulatory intervention was necessary to facilitate and simplify the change of supplier for those private customers or businesses who, moving to a new location, are often bound for a certain period of time to the supplier chosen by the previous owner, becoming its customers until the completion of the transition process to another supplier, often with the consequence of having bills delivered that are not in line with their needs.

How power transfer works

If you moved to a new house where a power supply in the name of the previous tenant was already active, it was possible, until the end of 2021, to make a transfer and at a later time the change of supplier. Power supplier change can now also be carried out in a single step, speeding up execution times and shortening the transition times between one supplier and another, without interventions on the existing plant and uninterrupted in the supply of energy.

It will therefore be possible to choose, even before the move, the power offer that best suits your consumption habits.

How much does a transfer cost?

The costs of a transfer vary from supplier to supplier. Enel Energia provides, for the transfer of a supply of power, a commercial fee equal to € 23 excluding VAT, plus a fee for administrative costs pertaining to the distributor of € 25.81 VAT excluded. These amounts are charged directly to your first bill.

Also for the procedure of transfer with change the same as the costs relating to administrative charges and the commercial fees of the transfer are envisaged. Just use our live chat and enter in contact with a specialized operator to receive all the necessary information and the costs of managing the procedure.

How to make transfer and switch supplier together

It is possible to obtain more information on the transfer with change of supplier by interacting directly with an operator through our live chat , from your computer or smartphone.

Go to chat to speak with one of our operators to whom you can ask all the necessary questions and request the costs related to the procedure. Not only that, thanks to the chat it is possible to request detailed information on current offers directly from the same operator and to deepen all the details relating to the different solutions available for those coming from another electricity supplier.

Delivery times with change of supply

The Arera resolution 135/2021/R/eel has as its first effect a significant reduction in the handling times of requests; now with the single procedure it is possible to obtain the passage from the old to the new supplier within 5 working days from the receipt of the request by the final customer, obviously remaining the deadlines provided for by the legislation and regulations in force on the subject of right of reconsideration.

Data required for the transfer with change of supplier

Also for the single procedure, data such as the tax code, the POD code, the meter reading and other information will be requested, promptly indicated by the operator with whom you come into contact.

In case of default of the previous holder?

The presence of a meter in the name of a previous defaulting customer may lead to delays in the management of the file, it being understood that the new owner will not have to pay the bills not paid by the previous one.