How to take over

Reactivate a meter in few easy steps

How to take over an inactive meter

The take over is the request to activate a deactivated electricity or gas supply (it should not be confused with the transfer, which is the change in the header of the contract of a supply that is still active).

You can request the take over independently by visiting the dedicated pages of our site and choose the offer that best suits your needs.

Data you need to provide 

To request a take over you will need to have at your disposal:

  • name and surname as well as tax code or VAT number of the holder of the supply;
  • the POD code (for the electricity supply) or the PDR code (for the gas supply). POD and PDR can be found by consulting the data on the meter display, if electronic, or on the bill of the previous holder;
  • telephone number and any e-mail address;
  • for the energy supply, the nine-digit customer code (which you can find on the meter display if electronic) or on the bills of the previous holder of the supply may be useful.

How to monitor the status of your application 

After signing the contract with Enel Energia, if you want to follow the progress of your takeover, register in the Customer Area and access the “Your practices” section: you will be able to check at what stage your request is being managed.

In the "Your operations" section you will find the list of contracts you have stipulated with Enel Energia: they show the date of signing, the type of contract (whether electricity or gas), the contract number and, here too, the progress of your practice.

Terms and conditions

You will receive the contractual kit at the channel of your choice (for example by e-mail or by post) and you will have to return the forms that you will find attached to us.

In order to conclude a supply contract, you must correctly fill in the forms attached to the contractual kit and send it to the indicated channels.

We remind you to always attach a copy of a valid identification document.

Do you still have doubts about take overs? Check out the frequently asked questions below.