Average of petrol and diesel prices

The average refers to the period from 17/06/2024 to 23/06/2024, with detection on 24/06/2024.
The price estimate is representative for a C segment vehicle, with a length of 4.30-4.40 m.

Type of fuel €/100 km
Petrol 11,44
Diesel 8,40
Electric* 4,65


Calculation carried out on the basis of a 90% home charging mix (with Super Formidabile Luce by Enel Energia assuming charging only between 00:00 and 03:00 with the energy component eliminated, up to a maximum of 1,700 kWh per year) and 10% on public network (Pay per Use Enel X Way prices), with annual mileage of 12,000 km. Sources: petrol and diesel prices on mase.gov.it; average petrol and diesel consumption on mise.gov.it and average consumption of C-segment electric vehicles from Smart Mobility Report 2023 - Politecnico di Milano. For further details and updates visit enel.it

The price of an electric vehicle to travel 100km was calculated assuming:

1) an annual mileage of 12,000 km/year;

2) an average consumption of electric vehicles belonging to the C segment (vehicles with an average length between 4.2 and 4.5 metres) of 0.15 kWh/km;

3) a mix of electric vehicle charging carried out 90% at home and the remaining 10% at the network of public charging stations in Italy;

4) a total annual home charging cost of €418.48 (VAT included) with Super Formidabile Luce by Enel Energia, including:

  • Raw Material Energy: assuming a consumption of 1,620 kWh per year, consumed entirely between 00:00 and 03:00;
  • €20 CCV (obtained as the difference between the CCV applied by Enel Energia to the Super Formidabile Luce offer and that normally applied to Enel Energia's other Luce offers);
  • Energy share relating to Transport and Meter Management and System Charges (values ​​referring to the second quarter of 2024);
  • Excise duties (values ​​referring to the second quarter of 2024).

5) a total annual charging expense at public charging stations of €143.46 (VAT included) considering the Pay Per Use Basic tariff of Enel of €0.797/kWh (VAT included), calculated considering the prices and distribution of energy supplied on the charging technologies of the Enel X Way network, valid as of 05/31/2024.

That is, the following formula was applied to calculate the reported value:

€418.48/year (home charging cost) + €143.46/year (public charging cost) = €561.94/year

€561.94/year (total charging cost): 12,000km (average annual mileage) X 100km=€4.68/100km

Super Formidable Luce Offer from Enel Energia: CCV €32/POD/month + energy component reset between 0:00 and 03:00 and €0.151/kWh in other hours (including network losses).