ENEL X SUN PLUG & PLAY: the photovoltaic balcony kit

Pannello solare installato sulla ringhiera di un balcone

Photovoltaics is rapidly becoming a must have, a trend due to the increased time spent at home, the wider use of devices such as smart home automation , the replacement of gas systems with electricity systems, the decrease in activities in the offices in favor of agile work and the increasing diffusion of charging stations for electric vehicles in garages and parking lots of private homes.

However, this does not always automatically translate into a solution within everyone's reach. It is not just an economic issue: often the biggest problem is the impossibility of installing a photovoltaic system on the roof due to lack of space or because the house in which you live is located in a condominium, with all the consequent practices and authorizations to follow.

There is, however, another solution. A convenient alternative that allows you to reduce your consumption, focusing on energy sustainability by reducing your bill costs.

The Balcony Photovoltaic Kit

It is a small, handy photovoltaic panel that can be installed quickly and easily on the balcony of any apartment. The system consists of a panel that produces direct current, which is then switched into alternating current by an inverter which injects the energy produced directly into the grid.

The impact on the bill depends on the efficiency and characteristics of the product, but there are some precautions that can significantly increase the yield:

  • install the panel on a south-facing balcony;
  • use the appliances more energy-intensive during the day instead of in the evening. This is because, in the event that a storage battery is not available, it is necessary to consume the energy when it is fed into the grid.

Furthermore, unless there are landscape or architectural constraints, no permits are required to install the photovoltaic panel for the balcony and immediately start saving, reducing costs in the bill and optimizing domestic consumption.

The obligations to be implemented consist of:

  • in the prior communication to the condominium regarding the '' installation of a photovoltaic system intended for the service of one's apartment pursuant to Article 1122 bis of the Italian Civil Code;
  • when sending the Single Communication (attached to ARERA Resolution no. 315/2020/R/eel).

In order to benefit from the tax deduction, it is also necessary to send a communication to ENEA.

una mano che tocca un pannello solare al tramonto

Enel X Sun Plug & Play for your apartment

Enel X Sun Plug & Play is Enel X's 0.34 kWp photovoltaic balcony panel with railing guaranteed for 10 years. It is a convenient and innovative solution which provides for the possibility of deducting - in the presence of certain requirements established by the legislation - 50% of the expense from the personal income tax in ten annual installments or to benefit from the discount on the invoice with a final price of 324.50€ instead of 649€!

System installation is quick and easy. To connect it to the mains, you just need an electric plug with a dedicated socket. If you wish, you can also request the additional package which includes installation of the system by qualified technicians. With the installation you will have included a liability insurance valid for 5 years.

The Enel X Sun Plug & Play includes:

  • a 340 Wp power Jolywood photovoltaic module;
  • Zucchetti Micro Inverter with integrated monitoring system;
  • support structure supplied by Enel X equipped with railing bracket.

The thickness of the railing must be between 30 mm and 150 mm. If it is higher, it is necessary to request the self-supporting railing kit for installation in total safety.

due ragazzi installano un pannello solare in balcone

Why it is convenient

Photovoltaics, until a few years ago destined almost exclusively to the roofs of single homes, thanks to the greater efficiency of the systems and the reduction of production costs, is becoming more and more convenient and an excellent solution to reduce the costs of energy of apartments and condominiums. It can also be thought of as a solution for second homes where we consume more at specific times of the year, such as holidays or summer.

Finally, if you are an Enel Energia customer, by purchasing Enel X Sun Plug & amp; Play immediately receive 80 WOW points! in the completely free loyalty program ENELPREMIA WOW!, to spend on a catalog full of prizes and bonuses in the bill. In addition, customers can choose advantageous discount coupons every week to spend at partner companies.

What are you waiting for? For more information from one of our specialists on the possibility of installing the balcony photovoltaic kit in your apartment request a consultation.