Advantages and consumption of the induction hob

If you want to have a safer and more efficient home, one of the first steps is certainly the purchase of an induction hob for the kitchen. Its diffusion is always greater, both for an aesthetic factor and for the benefits it ensures. Let's see together how it works, what differences and what advantages it entails compared to the traditional plan.

How does an induction hob work?

The induction hob is not embossed like the traditional one, it is a uniform glass ceramic top, under which electric coils pass which generate a magnetic field, which is used to heat the pots. There are no flames and the heat is localized where the pot is located and not over the entire surface, thus minimizing unnecessary heat loss and ensuring double efficiency compared to a gas hob. 

What is the difference between an electric and induction hob?

Although they may seem the same thing, as they both use electricity to allow us to cook, the induction and electric hobs are different.

The electric hob is powered by electricity and works by transmitting heat, which occurs by means of a resistance that heats up and consequently heats the entire hob.

As we have already seen, the induction hob is always operated by electricity, but in this case the heat is generated by a magnetic field and reaches the pots directly, avoiding dispersion.

What features should an induction hob have?

When choosing an induction hob we have to consider several factors. First of all, our aesthetic taste, because it will be a clearly visible part of the kitchen environment. Fortunately, by its nature, the induction hob is quite beautiful: black or white, flat, glossy. Nothing to do with old gas ranges, which are difficult to clean and maintain over time without scratches or imperfections.

Another element to consider is the space available. As with traditional hobs, induction hobs also come in different sizes (from 30 to 90 cm) and consist of a variable number of cooking zones. For those with limited space there are also solutions with integrated ventilation hood or which have flexible cooking zones, i.e. cooking zones whose dimensions are adjustable, so that even bulky pans with small induction hobs can be used. On the market we find still other models, with many additional features and adaptable to all needs. Choose the induction hob more suitable for you.

How to switch from a gas cooker to an induction cooker?

There are two main resistances in the transition from the traditional gas hob to the induction hob: the fear of having to change the whole kitchen and the fear of having to buy back all the pots. Let's dispel both of them to enter more peacefully into a more efficient or even full electric home.

From gas hob to induction hob

The first good news: you don't have to buy all the kitchen furniture to have an induction hob. In fact, it is sufficient to adapt the space previously occupied by the gas hob to the new floor. The measures are not so different from each other, it is just a few centimeters, so it is easy to adapt any top. In addition to the flat measures, it will also be considered that induction hobs are generally deeper than gas hobs, in the order of 5 cm of difference. An important step is to check that the electrical outlet to which it will be connected is adequate for the electrical absorption of the induction hob.

What pans do you need for the induction hob?

Another myth to dispel: it is not certain that you need to buy a new cookware set.

Many of those on the market, especially if purchased in recent years, can be used on the induction hob. As we have seen, the fundamental thing is that it can communicate with a magnetic field, so if they contain iron or steel they are already suitable. The problem arises for other materials such as aluminum, ceramic or copper.

To make a definitive check, just bring a magnet close to the bottom of the pot, if it sticks it means that it will also be good for your induction hob.

Don't think that you will no longer be able to use other materials, such as aluminum which is extremely efficient for cooking. It will only be necessary to find pots that have alternating layers of stainless steel and aluminum on the bottom, in order to make them compatible with the induction hob.

The pots that can be used on an induction hob are characterized by a special symbol, in the event that those in your possession do not have it, you can use a valid alternative: there are, in fact, special adapters that allow you to use all the pots and enjoy the benefits of induction.

They are tools that can also be easily purchased online at absolutely affordable prices: starting from € 10-15.

What are the advantages of the induction hob?

Now that we have a clear picture of how the induction hob works, let's focus on all the advantages that switching from gas to electricity brings in the kitchen:

  • Safety: the heat zones in the induction hob are limited to where the pots are located, the remaining surface does not become hot, thus reducing the possibility of burns.
  • Practicality: the induction hob is flat, a detergent and a sponge are enough to clean it perfectly.
  • Speed​​: the concentrated heat and the absence of dispersions make cooking faster, in 3 minutes we can boil a liter of water, with gas it takes at least 5.
  • Environmental impact: the use of electricity allows us to reduce the use of fossil fuels and pollutants, doing a favor to the environment and to our future. On average, the transition from a gas stove to an induction stove eliminates the equivalent of CO2 absorbed each year by 11 trees (taking into consideration the use by 3 people in a 100 m^2 house).

Tax incentives for the induction plan

Currently the purchase of the induction hob can enjoy the mobile bonus, i.e. a deduction of 50% in 10 years with a spending ceiling of € 10,000 for the year 2022 and € 5,000 for the years 2023 and 2024, if the conditions foreseen by the law exist. More details on the bonus applicability conditions are indicated on the Agenzia delle Entrate website. Not sure which induction hob to choose? See the Enel X catalog and find the one that best suits your needs.

Electrification of consumption

Is it possible to use only electricity for your home?

With Enel Flex's flexibility , yes it is: Enel Energia's new offer that adapts to market changes. Plus, get discounts and bonuses with ENELPREMIA WOW! and the Web Bill is already included.