All customers of Enel Energia on the free market, holders of contracts for the supply of power and/or gas for domestic use, can subscribe to the completely free loyalty program ENELPREMIA WOW!* through the dedicated section of the Customer Area, the Enel Energia App, by going to the closest Spazio Enel or by calling Customer Service at the toll-free number 800.900.860.

Upon registration, customers receive a coupon and welcome WOW points!.

Once the registration has been confirmed, customers begin to accumulate WOW! points every month. In addition, carrying out virtuous actions such as activating the Web Bill service or purchasing products and services from Enel X or other partner companies of the program, you can get additional WOW points!.

WOW points! can be spent on a catalog full of prizes and bonuses on the bill. In addition, customers can choose advantageous discount coupons each week to spend at program partners and participate in contests to try to win other wonderful prizes.

To know all the details of the operation, read the rules.

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*Subscription to the loyalty program ENELPREMIA WOW! is allowed to natural persons of age, resident in Italy, already customers on the free market with Enel Energia, holders of an active supply of natural gas for domestic use of the type "individual heating", "use of cooking food and hot water" and/or active supply of household power. All those who do not fall within the categories indicated above and those who use the services of last resort are expressly excluded from participating in the Contest. Cases for which the regulation imposes a specific prohibition on registering are also excluded (by way of example but not limited to PLACET offers). Prize operation valid from 01/11/2019 to 31/12/2023. Complete regulations and methods of participation on the Enel Energia App and on . The prize money estimated on the basis of similar transactions and on the estimates made is € 34,600,000.00 excluding VAT.