Formidabile Clima Per Te

If you are already a power customer or want to become one, with Formidabile Clima Per Te and the dedicated light offer you get an air-conditioner from €19.90 per month and a €10 per month bill bonus, for 36 months. TAN 7.48% and APR 7.74%.

Being an Enel power customer today is even more formidable

Air conditioning at a terrific price

Buy an air-conditioning system from Enel X with delivery, standard installation and ENEA practice support included.1

On-bill bonus of 10€ per month for 36 months

Join Enel Energia's Formidable Luce Clima offer exclusively for you and receive a monthly bonus on your bill of 10€ for 36 months.

 See the air conditioning price table


*energy component price 0.151€/KWh and CCV 12€/POD/Month fixed for 12 months and bonus in the bill of 10€/month for 36 months (VAT and taxes excluded). The remaining cost components as defined by the CTE. 

How to join Formidable Climate Per Te?

1. Buy your air conditioner
Choose the solution best suited to your needs from the Enel X air conditioning range..

2. Make the payment
Proceed with the payment by choosing whether to pay in one lump sum or by financing.

3. Receive the code
After you have made the payment or received confirmation of financing, you will receive an e-mail containing the promo code to join the Formidable Climate Light offer.

4. Take up the offer
Sign up for the Formidable Luce Clima offer by 31/12/2024 using the code we sent you by e-mail to receive the bonus..

A tip for you: if you choose to pay with financing, use the promotional code within 10 days to get both the €10 bonus on your bill and the financing instalment for the same month.

è stata aperta la finestra di dialogo per le informazioni sul prezzo all’ingrosso dell’energia

I prezzi sotto indicati valgono per le seguenti regioni


Area Geografica Prezzo di listino
Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, 
Liguria, Lombardia, Marche, 
Piemonte, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto.
859,50 €
Abruzzo, Lazio, Molise, 
Sardegna, Toscana, Umbria.
731,60 €
Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, 
Puglia, Sicilia.
636,00 €




The new range of Formidable offers

If you are already a customer or want to become one, discover all the Formidable offers we have designed for you.

Formidable Clima Per Te offer valid until 31/08/2024, subject to verification of installation capacity and subject to availability.  


AGOS financing available at all authorised points of sale. Up to 120 months - first instalment at 60 days - loanable amount from €500 to €30,000. Example for LG Libero S 9000 Btu/h by Enel X Italia S.r.l.: €636 (total amount of credit) in 36 instalments of €19.9 - fixed TAN 7.48% APR 7.74%. The APR represents the total cost of the credit expressed as an annual percentage and includes: interest, stamp duty on financing €16, stamp duty on annual and end-of-contract statements €2 (for amounts in excess of €77.47) / substitute tax 0.25% amount financed, monthly handling fee €2.20; total amount due (total amount of credit + total cost of credit) €716.4. Advertising message for promotional purposes. For pre-contractual information, ask at the point of sale for the document "Basic European Consumer Credit Information" (SECCI) and a copy of the contractual text. The amount of the financing depends on the price of the goods as agreed between the customer and Enel X depending on any discounts applied by Enel X for subscribing to additional offers. Unless approved by Agos Ducato S.p.A. Enel X acts as a NON-exclusive credit intermediary.

¹ The following are included in the price: technical-commercial inspection (to verify the feasibility of the installation) and installation. Should it be necessary to prepare a new system (monosplit), additional costs are envisaged, which vary according to whether a mono/dual/trialsplit system is required. The installation requires the outdoor and indoor unit of the air conditioner to be mounted at a maximum distance of 3 metres (mono split). If it is necessary to increase the distances, one or more ducting modules can be added. During installation, extra labour may be required for the correct execution of the work, the amount of which must be paid directly to the technician at the site. The technician shall issue the corresponding invoice or receipt. The Customer may become aware of these extra labour services during the remote technical-commercial inspection or directly during installation.


² Savings on heating estimated by comparing the efficiency at 30% PCI (Gross Heating Value) of a natural gas condensing boiler with a power output of 10kW with the COP (Coefficient of Performance) of an Enel X heat pump air conditioner with a power output of 10kW. All things being equal, the average cost per hour of switching on a methane condensing boiler with a power of 10kW is €0.907 compared to an Enel X heat pump air-conditioner with a power of 10kW that has a cost per hour of switching on of €0.49, thus allowing a bill saving of around 40% (according to ARERA, the price of a cubic metre of domestic methane varies from €0.85 to €1.20 while the cost of electricity varies from €0.19/kWh to €0.21/kWh). Savings on cooling are calculated by replacing a class A air-conditioner with an A++ class one.


³ If you replace your winter heating system with an air conditioner, you can access tax deductions of up to 65% under current legislation. Tax deductions of 65% (Ecobonus) for energy-saving interventions and 50% (Bonus Casa) for building renovation interventions available under current regulations. (Source: Budget Law and related regulations, Enea, Revenue Agency).