Formidabile Fotovoltaico Zero

Your 3 kW photovoltaic system with survey, planning and installation included at 99€ per month with no down payment and zero interest - TAN 0% APR 0%. And with the dedicated electricity offer you get a € 1,200 bonus on your bill over 120 months.

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  • Flexible payment

    Choose between different interest-free financing solutions, with or without a down payment, up to 120 months, to get the installment that best suits your needs.

  • Tax deductions

    You can take advantage of 50% tax deductions as part of building heritage recovery interventions.

  • Free policy

    For you, the 10-year All Risks insurance is free and offers you complete coverage for natural events, breakdowns and coverage of labor costs in the event of replacement of panels under warranty.

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  • Choose the photovoltaic system that's right for you

    Don't know which photovoltaic to choose? Complete the simulation and receive a free tailor-made quote.

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How to sign up for the offer

1. Buy your photovoltaic system

Sign the contract with Enel X to have your Photovoltaic System.

2. Make the payment

You decide whether to pay in a single payment or by requesting an interest-free loan.

3. Receive the code

You will receive the voucher via e-mail, after making the payment or once the financing has been approved.

4. Take up the offer

Use the code to join the Formidabile Luce Fotovoltaico offer from Enel Energia.

The new range of Formidable offers

If you are already a customer or want to become one, discover all the Formidable offers we have designed for you.



Formidable Fotovoltaico Luce Offer valid until 13/09/2024 subject to verification of installation capacity. Formidable Luce Fotovoltaico offer from Enel Energia can be subscribed to after payment of the of the Enel X plant or the finance company's okay to the relevant financing and until 31 Dec. 2024. Enel Energy component €0.151/kWh, network losses included, and CCV €12/month fixed for 12 months and bill bonus of €10/month for 120 months (VAT and taxes excluded). Other expenditure components as defined by the CTE. For details go to 

Up to 120 months - first instalment in 30 days - loanable amount from € 2,300 to € 20,540. Example: photovoltaic system 3 kW Enel X Edition € 5,940 (total amount of credit) in 60 instalments of € 99 - fixed TAN 0.00% APR 0.00%. The APR represents the total cost of credit expressed as an annual percentage - total amount due € 5,940. TAN and APR are different from zero solely as a result of decimal rounding. Advertising message for promotional purposes. For pre-contractual information, ask at the point of sale for the document "Basic European information on consumer credit" (SECCI) and a copy of the contractual text. Subject to approval by Agos Ducato S.p.A. Enel X operates as a NON-exclusive credit intermediary. 


*Included in the price: design and installation, ENEA practical support, connection charges, configuration of the monitoring system, checks and testing, cleaning of work areas, disposal of packaging and waste produced by the activity, declaration of  compliance, safety charges, module disposal. The following options are provided as additional modules: installation on smaller islands, flat roof structures, kit for three-phase installations, GPRS module. All prices include VAT.

For more information about “All Risks”, visit the dedicated page or download the document with all the details.

Tax deduction of 50 percent for carrying out renovation work on the available building stock according to current regulations. (Source: Budget Law and related regulations, Enea, Revenue Agency). More information on the dedicated page.