The discount for those who choose Formidabile Fotovoltaico Zero

How does it work

Enter the code you received via email by 31.12.24 and join Formidabile Fotovoltaico Luce, Enel Energia's power offer with a monthly bonus in the bill of 10€ for 120 months. 

If you choose to pay with financing, we recommend that you use the promo code within 10 days to obtain, with reference to the same month of accrual, both the €10 bill bonus and the financing installment. 

What are you waiting for? Being a light customer of Enel, today is even more Formidable.


Formidable Luce Fotovoltaico Offer from Enel Energia can be subscribed to after payment of the system or approval from Agos for the relevant financing and until 31/12/24: energy component €0.151/KWh and CCV €12/month fixed for 12 months and bonus in the bill of €10/month for 120 months (VAT and taxes excluded). Other spending components as defined by the CTE.