• Supplier change

    I've already a contract with another supplier, but I'd like to move to Enel

  • First activation

    I want to activate a new counter

  • Takeover

    I want to re-activate a disabled counter

  • Transfer

    I want to change header to a supply contract

  • Transfer with Supplier Change

    I want to switch to Enel and change the name of a contract

  • New Activation

    I need to activate the Fiber for the first time in my home.

  • Migration

    I already have a Fibra offer in my home and I would like to take advantage of Enel Energia's offer.

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    I want to show all Enel deals

Power deals

In evidence!


The limited-time offer with an energy component price:

Even more formidable
Blocked for the first 12 months!
Power Price
0,113 €/kWh *
barrato. Prezzo attuale
CCV Power Price
12,00 €/Month**

*The price refers only to the energy component (VAT and taxes excluded), is blocked for the first 12 months and is more advantageous than the previous price (0.12 €/Kwh). This price includes network losses which are applied as defined, published and updated by ARERA. **The price refers to the marketing and sales fee (CCV Luce) which, for the first 12 months of supply, will be equal to 144 €/POD/year (VAT and taxes excluded), to be paid on a monthly basis.

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