2 Elle-engineering and Enel Energia, high-speed energy

2 Elle-Engineering is a company that designs and produces high performance wheels. Founded in 2008 in Trebaseleghe, a small, fertile town in the province of Padua, 2Elle it immediately established a reputation for the quality of its projects and the use of innovative materials. What are the Company's strengths? A continuous process of technical training and the ability to compete with the best products available on the market. This has allowed the Company to acquire a large number of customers and internationally renowned brand such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Brabus.

“In our business we work with highly professional suppliers that possess specific skills in both technological innovation and production. Our partners are fundamental, which is why we chose Enel: in acknowledgement of their professionalism and competence in the world of energy”

—Luigi Lucaora, CEO 2Elle


2 Elle-Engineering has been an Enel Energia customer since January 2014, through a dedicated Key Account Manager , who is responsible for providing importantEnergy Management services. Such services include proposing customised offers based on the constant monitoring of energy consumptions and specific products designed to increase energy efficiency for inclusion in the customer's business plan

“For the relationship of trust, competence and efficiency of the service, Enel represents an efficient and dynamic partner in our problem solving processes”

—Luigi Lucaora, CEO 2Elle


2 Elle-Engineering 's activities are in constant expansion, and the company relocated to new premises with twice space of the old facility. And when it came to selecting a supplier for its utilities, the CEO of 2 Elle-Engineering lost no time in choosing Enel Energia once again, not only for its competitive tariffs or the quality of its customer care services, but above all because it understands the importance of energy efficiency.

Enel Energia in fact, in addition to its experience professional personnel, Enel also provides its customers with a range of services designed specifically for each type of requirement, proposing different solutions to improve the energy efficiency of companies, such as white certificates.

Thanks our support, at both technical and management levels, you'll have no trouble optimising your investments so as to render your business even more efficient and obtain all the necessary certifications for your business activities.
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