The stainless experience of sustainable steel

In the crowded industrial landscape, CPC Inox is an example of a successful and sustainable company. With over 40 years of experience in the processing of stainless steel and in the production of semi-finished products, it operates in over 23 industrial sectors, exporting its products in 50 countries.

CPC Inox adopts a model capable of proving that energy, innovation and dedication can bring corporate sustainability together with environmental sustainability applying an entrepreneurial culture based on the green economy in a sector historically known for its environmental challenges. It has, therefore, embraced the challenge of making its operating model more sustainable, demonstrating that environmental responsibility can go hand in hand with profitability.

In the daily life of CPC Inox, energy is the beating heart that powers every aspect of operations:

“Energy is what allows us to face our days with determination. If we think about CPC's values ​​which are based on quality, speed and punctuality, energy allows us to face challenges and respect the commitments we make to our customers.”

—Alberto Schiavo – Commercial Director CPC Inox

But CPC Inox is not limited to efficient use of energy. The company is actively engaged in reducing CO2 emissions through the adoption of profound and innovative solutions. From the installation of photovoltaic panels to the circularity report.

“Through the adoption of alternative solutions, such as photovoltaic panels or the circularity report, we can contribute to having a better impact in terms of corporate sustainability and therefore respect the environment in which we operate.”

—Alberto Schiavo – Commercial Director CPC Inox

One of the most evident results of this new perspective is the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere every year. This shows that CPC Inox actively contributes to a more sustainable future without sacrificing the quality of its products and the ability to compete on an equal footing with other companies in the sector.

The history of CPC Inox demonstrates how sustainable energy, technological innovation and managerial commitment can shape a lasting result, as stainless as their steel.

CPC Inox

Discover the secret behind the success of a company that lights the way towards a more sustainable future in the steel industry thanks to energy from renewable sources, technological innovation and a culture oriented towards the green economy. Let yourself be inspired by the history of CPC Inox.

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