A sustainable corporate fabric

Creazioni Digitali is a company that has been able to imprint along the threads of its history a solid balance between energy and environmental sustainability. Founded with the aim of offering superior quality in digital textile printing, Creazioni Digitali soon realized that it is essential to equalize the passion in the creation of high fashion fashion garments with a strong commitment to responsible energyand attention to the environment.

Creativity and energy are the vital force that make the rollers of its productions turn every day and that allow the digital printing machines to be powered, giving rise to an intricate plot made of colours, fabrics and innovation in which each thread represents a step towards a more sustainable future.

“Thanks to you, who comes in every morning punctually and precisely and gives us the opportunity to feed our digital printing machines and start our fantastic day.”

—Roberto Lucini - Creazioni Digitali CEO

Energy is crucial for Creazioni Digitali, as it represents the fulcrum of its business. It is thanks to this energy that the company can transform simple printing machines into production tools that create ever greener garments for some of the most prestigious Italian fashion brands and beyond.

However, Creazioni Digitali goes further. The company understands the importance of conscious use of energy, not only to ensure maximum performance, but also to reduce environmental impact. Through the adoption of an advanced platform, Creazioni Digitali is able to carefully monitor and manage its production lines, ensuring that energy is used efficiently and responsibly.

“For a company like ours, linked to the Como area, using energy in a conscious and sustainable way is a source of pride and diffusion for our entire textile district.”

—Roberto Lucini - Creazioni Digitali CEO

The mission is clear and ambitious. The company is committed to always offering the maximum in terms of quality and services in digital textile printing. Creazioni Digitali shares its growth path not only with suppliers but also with customers. The company collaborates with some of the main players in the world of fashion, contributing to the creation of a transparent and collaborative supply chain that benefits from the entire fashion design system, dedicating itself to reduce the consumption of precious resources, such as water, and eliminate the use of chemicals that are harmful to the environment. The philosophy is centered on constant renewal of systems and the adoption of ecological materials and practices.

The history of Creazioni Digitali is an example of how energy, passion for innovation and commitment to the environment can intertwine to shape the future of the textile sector.

Creazioni Digitali

A company that has been able to stitch energy and environmental responsibility together, creating a flexible and sustainable corporate fabric in the textile industry panorama. Find out how in our short video.

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