The energy of a coffee exported all over the world

The Neapolitan espresso, a tradition that involves tens of millions of Italians and beyond every morning, has become a custom that today has taken hold in the four corners of the globe and is now a phenomenon transversal to all cultures

Part of the credit for exporting one of the symbols of Italian and Neapolitan culture around the world belongs to Gruppo Izzo, a brand that since it was founded in 1979 is synonymous with tradition and quality not only for its product, but also for all services connected to it, also strong in Izzo Academy, a center of excellence that trains the professionals of tomorrow in a sector that is as demanding as it is competitive.

“The company was founded in 1979 by my father, and we are pursuing the project of spreading the Neapolitan espresso tradition all over the world.”

—Viviana Izzo, Gruppo Izzo's businesswoman


To compete in global markets and export your product to 140 countries around the world, you need to guarantee maximum efficiency twenty-four hours a day, without stopping, while maintaining very high productive standards by a staff with the highest skills in their sector; from technicians to quality control staff, from transport to assistance and marketing in an atmosphere of mutual respect and commitment, which also happens every day in Enel Energia.

“A large team is needed, made up of valid collaborators, trained technicians and reliable partners.”

—Viviana Izzo, Gruppo Izzo's businesswoman


To always guarantee the highest quality standards there is a need for reliable partners and Gruppo Izzo has chosen Enel Energia, for its ability to provide continuity and constant assistance to all the needs of a dynamic and ever expanding company.

“For many years now we have had Enel Energia as a partner, and since we chose to move to the Free Market we have seen its reliability and convenience. Energy is the heart of our company, the force that moves everything.”

—Viviana Izzo, Gruppo Izzo's businesswoman


Izzo Group and Enel Energia are collaborating to continue this long journey that involves all continents. A product, coffee, which unites the most diverse peoples and cultures around a cup; involuntary witness to countless events and a symbol of trust, energy and concreteness

Enel Energia, also present in the world, offers the guarantee of a service of excellence, capable of perfectly satisfying the rhythms for provide all the energy that Gruppo Izzo needs.