The energy of a millenary tradition

There are companies that are a symbol and spokesperson for the culture and traditions of a territory. One of these is Laziolatte, a dairy that has been run by the Caperna family since 1936 and transmits the genuineness and tradition of a territory that has ancient roots. The company was founded a stone's throw from Alatri, one of the oldest towns in Lazio. Here, at the foot of the Ernici Mountains, Laziolatte rises: green valleys, open spaces and a variety of farms make it a symbol of dairy art. Over 11,000 square meters of production area, the richness of tradition and the strength that only the passion for one's work brings.

“The energy of our company is the dedication that every single Laziolatte worker puts into what they do. Extreme care, dedication and attention in all stages of the production process.”

—Marco Caperna, Laziolatte's businessman


The energy Marco Caperna refers to can be found in each of the production phases of Laziolatte products. From the selection of the raw material, to its treatment, up to the logistics and all the phases relating to the cold chain. The result? A range of over 100 products of the highest quality that retain all their organoleptic properties intact from the end of processing to the consumer's table.


A supply chain that must be constantly controlled, with strict protocols that require the utmost in professionalism and attention. To accompany Laziolatte throughout the complex and delicate production phase of the company, you need all the reliability and effectiveness that can be found in Enel Energia, which for decades has been the spine backbone of national energy production.

“We have chosen Enel Energia for more than ten years now, and we have chosen it because we have found ourselves by our side a real partner, who gives us assistance and advice at all times when we need it.”

—Marco Caperna, Laziolatte's businessman


Thanks to the trust placed in Enel Energia, Laziolatte receives all the energy it needs for the production of its products and to carry on the precious dairy tradition that distinguishes it. A collaboration that, over time, has become above all a sharing of values. Not only quality of the product, but also respect and conservation of the territory. Two apparently so different realities that share the same goals. Awareness and protection of the territory as a concrete investment to think and create a new future, for the world we want to leave tomorrow.

Ten years of long and fruitful collaboration, therefore, between Laziolatte and Enel Energia. But what is the energy that drives us to create these solid and lasting bonds? We support companies that make the territory in which they live their strength and their distinctive feature. Companies that choose the evolution of production techniques, without affecting the authenticity and genuineness of the products. We are proud to contribute to these realities with our energy and our reliability.