Focus on teamwork and qualified partners: Metalbranca has chosen Enel Energia

When the craftsman's experience is partnered with experimentation into new technologies, it makes for a winning combination. And no one knows this better than Metalbranca, an Italian company that been manufacturing doors, windows and shutters for over 40 years, establishing a reputation for quality products both at home and abroad.

Metalbranca is constantly involved in realising technical and architectural projects, which guarantee maximum comfort thanks the company's high quality standards. Respect for the environment, and for the principle guidelines that regulate the sector play a fundamental role in the Company's activities: this is the spirit in which David Cippiciani runs his company. Thus, to guarantee the maximum quality of its products, Metalbranca implements a rigorous selection policy when choosing its suppliers.

“Teamwork is essential to achieve any goal; we aim for the maximum, therefore have always selected reliable, trustworthy partners, such as Enel ”

—David Cippiciani, owner Metalbranca srl


Metalbranca is a forward-looking company, which envisages a world where homes and offices produce energy as well as consuming it, as set-out in the directives "CasaClima" and "Passivhaus".

“Thanks to Enel Energia almost all the electricity the Company uses is self-produced by the latest generation of photovoltaic plants. ”

—David Cippiciani, owner Metalbranca srl


This vision of the future is also shared by Enel Energia: a future based on energy efficiency, respect for the environment and technological innovation, in which renewable energies play a fundamental role.

Enel Energia believes and invests in the future, which is why we offer a series of ancillary services to the sale and installation of a photovoltaic systems, such as Fotovoltaico InFoma. A consultancy service for the bureaucratic, administrative and economic evaluation of a new plant. Thanks to Fotovoltaico InForma you can count on a complete, low-cost consulting service.