Where respect for the territory becomes energy

In the business world, success is often the result of a combination of factors, including entrepreneurial vision, dedication to the principles of quality and sustainability and the energy that fuels the work of the people who form the fabric every day human and social nature of the company. Piante Faro is an extraordinary example of a company that has transformed its passion for Mediterranean plants into a successful business and sustainable. With over 600 hectares of nurseries50 hectares of greenhouses and a vast range of potted and open-field plants, Piante Faro represents a real breeding ground of biodiversity. Their commitment to quality is evident in the two cutting-edge laboratories dedicated to phytosanitary controls and micro-propagation, which guarantee the health and integrity of the plants.

The electricity supplied by Enel Energia plays a fundamental role in the daily operations of Piante Faro:

“We produce more than six million plants, but together with the sun, obviously, electric energy is what gives us strength, what makes us raise the shutters in the morning, what allows our electric vehicles to go around the nurseries and show our customers, who come from all over the world, our productions.”

—Mario Faro - Piante Faro CEO


For the CEO of Piante Faro, energy goes far beyond simply powering equipment. It represents the key to entrepreneurial success and has different forms:

“Clean energy gives the territory the possibility of remaining intact. The landscape is a cultural challenge, consequently respect for our territory becomes a cultural challenge and also a driver of development and this is only and exclusively possible by using clean energy.”

—Mario Faro - Piante Faro CEO


The story of Piante Faro is an inspiring example of how a company can thrive when it combines a strong entrepreneurial vision with a commitment to sustainability and the use of clean energy. The words of CEO Mario Faro demonstrate that the electricity supplied by Enel Energia has been a key element of this success, supporting the company in its mission to provide high-quality Mediterranean plants to customers all over the world. Piante Faro demonstrates that entrepreneurial success and sustainability can go hand in hand, creating a better future for all of us.

Piante Faro

Piante Faro, a successful company in the cultivation of Mediterranean plants, grows new ideas through the energy that fuels an extraordinary story of success and sustainability, discover it in our video.

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