Enel Energia and Sammontana Italia: a bond that goes beyond a simple contract

Sammontana Italia represents the essence of Italian entrepreneurship, based on tradition, quality, experience and innovation, which has been delighting Italian taste buds for over seventy years. The company was founded in 1946 in Empoli, in the heart of Tuscany, by the Bagnoli family, which still runs it today. Sammontana Italia has four production sites located in various parts of the country: Empoli, which houses the company's headquarters and main ice-cream production plant, Verona (ice cream and desserts), Vinci and Pomezia (desserts). For each of these 4 locations, energy is a vital element.

For many years, Sammontana's partner on this long journey, where it is forbidden to pause even for a moment, has been Enel Energia, selected for the quality of its services and a mutual commitment to energy saving and innovation.

“We are satisfied to have Enel on our side, a reliable and flexible partner who knows us well and with whom we have established a close relationship, based on trust and collaboration, and who helps us to improve our internal processes”

—Leonardo Bagnoli, AD Sammontana

SammontanaIn fact, specialises in cold chain production management, a sector where energy plays a fundamental role. A continuous process is required, without any stops or interruptions, in order to guarantee that the products are processed correctly.

The relationship between Sammontana Italia and Enel Energia is a story of passion for work and professionalism destined to last for a long time to come. A story with a vision of the future, which is a common factor in businesses for whom quality comes first. Follow their example and ask us to show you how we can make your business more efficient.


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