Star Class Perugiamotori has chosen Enel Energia

Star Class Perugiamotori has been a leader in the automotive sales and service sector for many years. The company represents some of the most prestigious automotive brands. They sell brands such as Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Smart.

The main strength of Star Class Perugiamotori are their customers. Their satisfaction comes before everything else. This philosophy recalls that of Enel Energia, which the company has chosen as their energy provider.

Star Class Perugiamotori has always tried to focus on the quality of services they offer. The company's goal is to help customers find the best solutions to meet their expectations, without leaving anything to chance. A group of experts supports the customer in all their decision-making processes, using different channels of communication, including social media.

Customers are accompanied from when they come through the door until they purchase their vehicle, and even after that. In fact, Star Class Perugiamotori is ready to provide assistance at any time. Exactly like Enel Energia. The modus operandi of Star Class Perugiamotori reflects the precision and attention to detail that is typical of the Japanese mentality, while taking the origin and history of the brand into account.

That is another common point between the two companies: the history of their brand. Over the years, Star Class Perugiamotori and Enel Energia have never disappointed their customers, and the success they have received in recent years is proof of this. The companies, even though they operate in different fields, have always had a good relationship between quality and price. 

A company that revolves around customer satisfaction couldn't help but choose the professionalism of Enel Energia. A supplier that the company would not change for anything in the world. Star Class Perugiamotori has never encountered any problems with Enel Energia. The automotive company chose Enel Energia precisely because of the quality of the service received. 

In Enel Energia, Star Class Perugiamotori has found clarity, transparency and satisfaction. And they are not the only company to have found this.