Enel Energia and Ferriera Valsabbia, together for energy sustainability

The best way to do something is to do it. There are no better words to describe the close bond that unites two leading companies in their respective sectors. Enel Energia and Ferriera Valsabbia , a historic company that since 1954 has been rooted in the social and economic fabric of Odolo in the province of Brescia, a municipality located in the center of Valle Sabbia from which company gets its name. In the last half century it has been able to create and maintain a balance between love and respect for the environment and the surrounding territories through the improvement and monitoring of emissions and soil protection, the development of innovative production processes and continuous and specialized training of its staff.

“The territory has always first of all provided us with very valid workers, our competitiveness also derives from this, the skill of the people.”

—Ruggero Brunori, CEO of Ferriera Valsabbia.

With a view to full collaboration and synergy between two activities that live closely in symbiosis, Enel Energia inaugurated with Ferriera Valsabbia a new long-term agreement that opens the door to new possibilities of energy sustainability. Over the next five years, a percentage of the power consumed by the Ironworks will be produced from renewable sources and will be supplied by a hydroelectric plant very close to the plant, 10 km away. distance.

“The agreement we signed is part of the energy transition, decarbonisation and research on renewables, in which Enel is a world leader”

—Pietro Landini, Head of Pricing, Supply and National Account of Enel Energia

The sustainability of energy sources is a virtuous circle , the increase in the demand for renewable sources by companies also comes from a push from end customers and institutions, contributes to raise the level of awareness and research in this direction. This translates into practice for Ferriera Valsabbia in the recovery and processing of high quality steel scrap from industrial processes, strictly selected, subjected to control, treated and recycled within the production process.

“It is in our DNA. Thanks to the electric furnace we produce steel without the use of iron ore, a limited natural resource, but by recovering and recycling discarded iron scrap, thus protecting the environment”

—Ruggero Brunori, CEO of Ferriera Valsabbia


With the agreement between Enel Energia and Ferriera Valsabbia a solid alliance has been renewed and among the objectives of this alliance there is a greener energy for the present, for the future of our territory and the people who live there.