You can navigate with Enel Fibra (FTTH network - Fiber to the Home) or with Enel Naviga Smart (FTTC network - Fiber to the Cabinet) by exploiting the potential of your network.
We remind you that the activation of the service will be communicated via e-mail to the e-mail box you indicated when accepting the offer and the modem can only be connected after you have been notified of the activation date of the service by the our Customer Service.

If only the modem is replaced, the service will already be active.
Enel Energia operators are at your disposal on the free toll-free number, also for calls from the mobile network, 800.900.860 (every day from 7.00 to 22.00).

Modem configuration

The DX3301-T1 modem has one WAN port (blue color), one DSL port (grey color), four Gigabit Ethernet ports (yellow color) and two Voice FXS ports (Phone 1 and Phone 2 green color). The modem requires no drivers for installation and is compatible with any operating system.

How to install your modem

  1. In the case of FTTH network, connect the modem to the optical termination (ONT) with the Ethernet cable (included in the package) using the WAN port (blue). If your network is FTTC, connect the modem to the DSL splitter or directly to the telephone socket on the wall with the telephone cable (included in the package) using the DSL port (grey colour).
  1. Plug the power cable into the modem and press the power button: your modem will be connected when the lights stop flashing – this may take a few minutes.
  2. The SSID (WiFi network name) and wireless key (password) are written on the device label: from your WiFi settings, select the SSID shown on the label and enter the Wireless Key code to connect.


To connect to the modem's WiFi network in an easier and faster way, press and hold the WPS button on the back of the modem for at least 1 second, until the 2.4G and 5G WiFi LEDs start flashing orange. Within 2 minutes, also activate WPS on the device you want to connect and wait for the WiFi lights on the modem to turn green again. If the WPS method fails, use the SSID and password to establish the WiFi connection.

Other compatible modems

With Enel Energia you are free to choose to use an alternative modem to the one provided on free loan. 

We remind you that to make the most of the fibre, your modem must have particular technical specifications and that in case of failure we will not be able to replace the device. 

Internet for your home

Navigate with Enel Energia fiber

Discover Enel Fibra FTTH, the stable and fast integrated connection that brings you closer to the world and to people

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Enel Fibra

Navigate with the simplicity of Enel Energia's ultra-fast FTTH fiber up to 1 Gigabit/s download until 4 June plus

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Free activation and WiFi modem 6 included

Offer subject to technical speed and geographical limitations. The indicated navigation speed (FTTH) is to be considered as maximum. Check the coverage in the following steps to find out the fiber (FTTH and FTTC) from which your home is reached. The offer does not include Voice Service with consequent loss of the landline telephone number in the event of migration of the internet connection.