In recent years we have often heard of net neutrality, but what exactly is meant by this term? The Internet is a place where all users have the same rights and the same opportunities, regardless of their origin or social status, net neutrality is the principle that guarantees free navigation without the intervention of third parties set off. Let's explore the topic together in the following paragraphs.

What is meant by net neutrality?

Net neutrality, or net neutrality, defines the concept according to which an internet service provider, also called Internet Service Provider (ISP), must treat the traffic that passes across its network all in the same way, in a neutral manner, without preferring or discriminating against one domain or application over another. It is therefore not allowed to make one service travel faster than another, in this way the end user will be free to navigate regardless of the internet service provider.

To access the internet it is necessary to activate a contract with a supplier, through ISPs the possibility is given to freely access the network, in Italy there is currently a net neutrality regime, since 2015 thanks to the Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 and Declaration of internet rights, users are protected from various points of view. With regard to net neutrality, article 4 of the Declaration of Internet Rights reads:

  1. Every person has the right that the data transmitted and received on the Internet are not subjected to discrimination, restrictions or interference in relation to the sender, receiver, type or content of the data, device used, applications or, in general, legitimate choices of people.
  2. The right to neutral access to the Internet in its entirety is a necessary condition for the effectiveness of fundamental human rights. 

With Resolution No. 348/18/CONS, the Regulatory Authority in communications (AGCOM) has defined implementing measures for the correct application of Regulation (EU) 2015/2120  with particular reference to the freedom of choice of terminal equipment by the user.

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