How to keep the Bolletta Web?

The Bill 2.0 reports the tax data contained in the electronic invoice sent to the Revenue Agency via the Exchange System (SDI).
The obligation or not to print the bill received in electronic format (via email) varies according to the type of customer.

Are you a residential customer?
You can archive your bills on your PC and print them only if necessary.

Are you the owner of a business or a VAT number? 
Archiving the Bill 2.0 does not fulfill the obligations of conservation of the electronic invoice, which must be carried out electronically in accordance with the provisions of the Decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of 17 June 2014 and the Provision of the Director of the Agency of revenue no. 433608 of 11.24.2022.

How long to keep bills?

The power bill with an expiry after March 2018 must be kept for 2 years, while those with an earlier expiry must be kept for 5 years. Gas bills due after January 2019 must be kept for 2 years, while those with an earlier due date must be kept for 5 years. 

Power bills containing the charge of the TV license fee must be kept for 10 years.  


Activate Bolletta Web

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