Enel: beware of scam emails

02 April 2021

Following new reports on communications with misleading content, sent from an email address only apparently referring to a company of the Enel Group, the company returns to providing the appropriate recommendations, specifying that it has already started all the actions necessary for the protection of customers and Group companies.

In this case it is an e-mail with a misleading content that exploits the Enel brand below is the example of a scam email, which shows as subject "Enel Energia - PEC Bill Emission ".

example of a fraudulent email

Pay close attention to any requests for personal codes or confidential data (for example user or password, access codes...) since Enel Energia never requests such codes.

Enel Energia invites anyone who receives a suspicious e-mail or text message not to open or click on the links in the texts, not to download and open attachments and to verify the authenticity of the request through the usual contact channels: free-toll number 800.900.860 and website www.enel.it.

Enel Energia thanks in advance those who will have the courtesy to report suspicious communications received to the company, in order to stem and prevent the phenomenon of fraud on the network.