Due to numerous reports of misleading emails, 2.500 scam emails have been blocked by Enel systems in the last 24 hours. These emails are sent from an address that is only apparently referred to an Enel Group company.

At present, the recipients of these communications are Enel Group's employees. To prevent the phenomenon from expanding, Enel provides useful information below to recognise the scam.

Email messages pretend to be communications to customers about a false refund from Enel Energia. The purpose of the scam is to illegally steal personal information and data relating to credit and debit cards on the various international circuits. By clicking on the phrase ACCESS THE SERVICE in the email, you are redirected to a specially created phishing site.

Below is an example of a scam email, with the subject "Confirm your last Enel invoice refund XXXX”.

example of an email with misleading content

Neither the Enel Group nor any agent companies have sent emails informing customers of any service refunds and inviting them to connect via the email link. 

Enel has already informed the competent authorities and requested the closure of the malicious sites. The Company invites anyone who receives a suspicious email to:

  • avoid clicking the links inside the texts;
  • avoid downloading and opening attachments;
  • activate spam filters immediately to protect your account.

Enel thanks in advance those reporting any suspicious emails to help us stem and prevent online scams.

Pay close attention to any requests for personal codes or confidential data (for example, user or password, access codes) since Enel Energia never requests such codes.