Enel: beware of e-mail fraud – phishing warning


In the light of new warnings about communications with misleading content sent from an e-mail address that appears to belong to a company in the Enel Group, the company would like once again to recommend actions to follow, and reaffirm that it has already taken all the measures required to safeguard the Group’s clients and companies.  

This practice – called “phishing” - involves a deception aimed to secure the acquisition of personal information and data regarding credit/debit cards issued by different international companies - Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Paypal. The e-mail messages falsely claim to be communications from Enel Energia concerning a fake refund in favour of the client. Here is an example of a phishing attempt, with the subject “Refund Enel July 2018 – valid until 16.07.2018 14/07/2018 03:48:18”:

scam e-mail fac-simile

The web page it redirects to if the addressee clicks on “Click on the following link: hxxp://MyEnel.it” is a phishing site created especially for this fraudulent attempt to acquire information.  

At no time have the Enel Group nor companies collaborating with the Group sent e-mails concerning credit resulting from goods or services supplied and inviting the addressee to activate a link in the e-mail. Corporate procedures do not, whatever the situation, involve a request to supply or check bank data and/or personal codes through external links.

Enel has already informed the relevant authorities and requested the closure of malicious sites. The company asks anyone who receives a suspicious e-mail:

  • NOT to click any links within the body of the text;
  • NOT to download and open attachments.
  • to verify the authenticity of the request through the usual channels: toll-free number of Enel Energia 800900860 from Italy or +39 0664511012 from abroad, for a fee at the cost applied by your telephone operator, and the website www.enel.it.


Enel would like to thank in advance all those who inform the company of any suspicious emails they may receive, as this will enable us to prevent this type of internet fraud.