Enel Energia is named "Service Champion 2023" by the German Institute of Quality ITQF

In these difficult months and of great changes, we have intensified our commitment to guarantee a quality service, responding to customer needs thanks to digital services that have shortened distances.

Staying focused on people and their needs is the right way to overcome challenges. "Service Champions 2023", awarded by the German Quality Institute ITQF, it is an important acknowledgment that invites us to do better and better. Every day.

Enel Energia "Champion in the service" of the power and gas sectors

According to the analysis conducted by the German Quality Institute ITQF, Enel Energia is the best Italian company (in the power and gas sectors) in terms of customer satisfaction. The analysis shows that user satisfaction with Enel Energia's services is well above the sector average: 74.2% of power and gas customers stated that they were satisfied with the services of our company against an average of 55.9%.

What is the Service Champions Studio

The survey by the German Quality Institute is the largest ever conducted in Italy. For the ninth edition, German analysts involved 200,000 users, using advanced techniques based both on direct interviews and on social listening, i.e. listening to conversations on the Web. This made it possible to have an in-depth view of consumer opinion on various companies, giving even more value to the recognition obtained by Enel Energia.

You are the energy to get the best

Aurora Viola, Enel Energia's head of the Italian market said: “We are very proud of the trust that customers place in us and we welcome this result with enthusiasm. We are aware of the quality of our offer and it is essential for us to offer our customers a quality experience, based on proximity, transparency and reliability".