How to recognise Agents and Promoters of Enel Energia

With reference to reports relating to individuals visiting private residences on behalf of Enel Energia, the Company intends to provide some useful advice so you can protect yourself from scams and recognise the real agents: anyone visiting your home on behalf of Enel, whether employees or external agents, must bear a plastic card with the company logo, photos and identification data. If someone visits your home on behalf of the Company, you must always ask for their identification card.

Furthermore, nobody is authorised to collect or refund any money at home on behalf of Enel Energia.

Like other operators on the free market, also makes use of "door to door" agents who present new offers. Also in this case, these people bear an identification card indicating the relevant sales agency. For further verification, the customer can ascertain with a phone call to the toll-free number 800900860 (Enel Energia) that the sales agency is actually part of those working for Enel .

Those who submit offers on behalf of Enel Energia avail of forms and information materials clearly referable to the Company. Therefore, Enel customers must ask to see them and stresses that it is however advisable to read any document carefully before signing. Those offering "door to door" contracts can request to view the bill to identify, together with the customer, the most suitable proposal for his/her consumption. Moreover, billing information can only be used to retrieve any supply data upon offer acceptance.

Feel free to call the toll-free number 800900860 of Enel Energia or visit the closest Spazio Enel to your place of residence should you have any doubts or concerns.