Response to the AGCM decision on alleged unilateral contractual modifications

With reference to the decision of the Competition and Market Authority for alleged illegitimate unilateral modifications by Enel Energia of the economic conditions for the supply of electricity and gas from 10 August 2022 to 30 June 2023, the Company believes it has always acted in full compliance with primary and sector regulations, as well as contractual regulations.

The company has in fact limited itself to carrying out mere renewals of the expiring economic conditions for its customers, as provided for in the contract, without instead proceeding with any unilateral variation of the same during their validity. Enel Energia therefore reserves the right to take any action for its own protection, trusting that it will be able to demonstrate the full correctness of its actions, as the administrative judge has already had the opportunity to recognize who, albeit in a precautionary manner, has not identified any violations on the part of Enel Energia contractual discipline nor art. 3 of the Legislative Decree. Aid bis.