5 euro bonus on your bill if you activate the direct debit

We are close to you even from a distance. With Enel Energia, manage your supply from the comfort of your home.
From 24/08/2021 to 24/02/2022, if you have an active residential offer at Free Market economic and contractual conditions and choose the direct debit as payment method, you will get a 5 € bonus within the second useful bill and, once the bank domiciliation procedure has been completed, we will also refund the security deposit and related legal interests, in the first bill subject to direct debit via SDD.

Enel Energia's digital services are at your disposal to ensure maximum convenience in managing the supply of power and/or gas directly from home.

Choose to pay your bill by direct debit to your account without worrying about deadlines, in any case you will receive your bills in advance of the debit, to be able to check the amount.

Activating the direct debit service is simple and immediate. Let's find out how!

How to request a direct debit

By choosing direct debit as the payment method for Enel Energia bills (also called Direct Debit, or SEPA Direct-Debit) you will automatically be charged the amount of your bills directly to your account current or credit card.

If you have not yet activated your bank or postal domiciliation, requesting it is easy: log in to the Customer Area from the site or to the App from Enel Energia, click on Payment Methods and enter your IBAN or your credit card number.

The amount of your bills to be paid will be deducted from your current account on the day of the due date shown in the individual bill. You can check the history of your payments, in a clear and immediate way, from your Reserved Area.

You can request a bank domiciliation even for multiple active supplies *, benefiting from the € 5 bonus and the return of the security deposit (and related legal interest) for each of them.

If you need more information, contact one of our chat operators to receive the support you need or call the toll-free number 800900860.

Enel Energia is always next to you, to guarantee you the serenity of being able to all at a distance.

* Enel Energia customers who are holders of supplies are excluded from joining this offer:

  • with type of use different from residential/domestic use;
  • activated as part of last resort services both in the gas sector (Fui and Default) and in the power sector (Safeguard);
  • having economic and/or contractual conditions regulated by ARERA. In particular: Gas Protection (Resolution 229/2001) Similar Protection (Resolution 369/2016) and P.L.A.C.E.T. (Resolution 555/2017)


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