Changing gas meters: what they are and how they work


Since December 2016, natural gas distributors operating on the national territory are engaged in the replacement of gas meters. The operation concerns Italian domestic users and arises from the resolution n. 631/2013/R/gas of 27 December 2013 from the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks, and the Environment (ARERA, until December 2017 AEEGSI). The installation of smart meters, in fact, allows the remote management of users by market operators and guarantees various advantages for both supplier companies and consumers.

How do the new digital meters work?

Compared to traditional analogue meters (for clarity: those with a turning "wheel" that signals the passage of gas), the new gas meters 2.0:

  • Are easier to read
  • Provide immediate information on the actual gas consumption for the billing period

and much more.
Thanks to remote management, the smart meter will allow your gas supplier to know exactly what your actual consumption is and bill you accordingly instead of relying on theoretical estimates.

Replacing gas meters

The distributor active in your region or province will replace your gas meter, informing you beforehand of exact day of the operation. If you are not at home on the scheduled day, you can reschedule.

How much does the gas meter replacement cost?

Gas meters are replaced for free and, therefore, have no impact on your utility charges.

Reading consumption on the new gas meters

One of the great advantages of the new gas meters is the ease whereby you can read - in real time - your actual gas consumption. To read your gas consumption, simply press the button on the meter and read the . Please consult the instruction manual issued by the installers should you have any doubts.

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