TV licence in the bill

Find out everything there is to know about the TV license fee

The term TV license fee, improperly called Rai license fee, means a tax on the possession of the television, calculated by family and not by the number of televisions in the house. For some years now, the annual amount has been charged to the electricity bill divided into 10 installments from January to October. But let's see below how the payment of the TV license takes place and who can be exempt instead. 

How the TV license fee is paid in the bill and how much it is

Starting from July 2016, the subscription fee for television for private use is paid in installments in the electricity bill.

The television license fee is charged to all customers with resident domestic electricity bills.

You can check if your user is "domestic" on the first page of the bill, in the Supply Data section under "Customer type", you will find the wording "resident domestic".

The amount of €70 will be divided into 10 installments of €7 on electricity bills from January to October. The charge will vary according to the billing frequency of the electricity bill:

  • €7 on monthly bills
  • €14 on bimonthly bills

On the right-hand side of the first page of the bill, you will find a summary of the expense voices with their amounts and the amount to be paid. Among the items there is a specific voice dedicated to the fee, with the amount for the installments.

The bill may be charged installments of the fee with different amounts depending on the period in which you activated the electricity supply.

See the table below.

User activvation Fee Fee amount (€) Total amount (€)
January 10 7,00 70,00
February 9 7,31 65,75
March 8 7,52 60,15
April 7 7,79 54,55
May 6 8,16 48,94
June 5 8,67 43,35
July 4 9,44 37,74
August 3 10,71 32,14
September 2 13,27 26,54
October (*) 1 20,94 20,94
November (*) 1 15,33 15,33
December (*) 1 9,74 9,74

*The amount will be charged in a lump sum in the first installment of the following year

Exemption from the TV fee

You can be exempted from paying the TV license fee in the event that:

  • you do not have a television or a device capable of receiving the radio and television signal
  • you have reached the age of 75 and have an annual income not exceeding 8,000 euros
  • you are a diplomatic agent, consular official or employee, official of international organizations or a military of non-Italian citizenship or civilian personnel not resident in Italy, of non-Italian citizenship , belonging to the NATO forces stationed in Italy

If you fall into one of the categories that meet the above requirements, you must complete and send a self-declaration form to communicate your right to exemption and not receive the charge on your bill. This declaration must be sent by the following dates:

  • January 31, 2024 to be exempt for the whole year
  • June 30, 2024 to be exempt for the second half of 2022, from July to December

The declaration must be submitted every year through one of the following channels:

  • Web application available on the Revenue Agency website
  • PEC with digital signature to the address
  • Registered mail to the following address: Revenue Agency Turin Office 1, S.A.T. – TV Subscription Desk - PO Box 22 – 10121 Turin

The declaration must not be sent to Enel Energia or to the National Electricity Service because we are not entitled to receive it.

For more information on exemptions, refunds and forms, you can consult the Enel website on the Rai license fee or the "Canone TV” page on the website of the Revenue Agency.