Change plan with a click with the ENEL ONE offer

With the free plan change your energy adapts to your everyday needs

ENEL ONE provides you with 5 plans to choose from, in order to adapt to your consumption needs.

So if your consumption habits change, you can change your chosen plan quickly and easily.

How to change plans with ENEL ONE

By activating the ENEL ONE offer, you will be able to switch from one plan to another with no additional cost. The change will be immediately effective and the kWh available for the current month will be updated according to the new plan you have chosen.

You can switch plans as many times as you like and you will not be charged any additional fees.

Skill Alexa of Enel Energia

To change your plan you can also contact Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant directly. Enable the Enel Energia Skill directly from the store, and ask Alexa 'How can I change my ENEL ONE plan?'. Alexa will be able to provide you with all the information you want to know about the exchange methods, and if you want to change it, just say to Alexa: 'I want to change my ENEL ONE plan'. Changing has never been easier!

Smartphone and vocal assistant with text Alex switch to the basic plan